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MedLed™ is the healthcare industry’s specialist in building High Performance Roadmaps™

Welcome to a new way in Healthcare

MedLed™ is the healthcare industry’s specialist in building High Performance Roadmaps™for embedding the principles of performance science and human factors into organisations.  We use targeted and measurable interventions to bring out the best in systems, people and teams.

Our evidence-based methodologies have been designed specifically for the unique challenges faced by the healthcare industry, refining experiences and learning from other risk industries and high performance environments. Our approach will result in measurable, embedded and sustainable improvements in patient safety, morale and staff retention.

High Performance Roadmap™

Your key to sustaining excellence through Human Factors and Performance Science

The workshop introduces the key concepts of Human Factors and High Performance and provides you and your organisation with a Roadmap that outlines the journey to becoming a High Reliability Organisation.


CPD Training Events

Our training events are designed to raise awareness, and can be used to configure a tailor-made, sustainable change programme.

1 to 1 Coaching

Do you have members of your team who are competent but lack confidence? Do you ever feel that people you manage have more potential than they realise? Coaching can help to unlock what their are capable of!

Comprehensive performance solutions

This is the gold standard of performance improvement. These programmes are designed for organisations who are serious about safety, and willing to invest to retain their staff and ensure that they consistently perform at their best.

Bespoke training programmes

Do you feel that your team is functioning as a cohesive whole greater than the sum of its parts, or as a collection of skilled individuals?